Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for Writing prompts

I realized along about letter E that what I'm doing here is making myself a list of writing prompts. If my goal is to have a regular writing practice, I need something to write about. In writing my story I haven't know where to start or what exactly to write about. Now I will have 26 topics to expand on. Fifty-one if I count what I've posted at the Radiant Recovery site (there was one duplicate, I think) Whether I keep up with writing regularly without this outside push remains to be seen.

Bonus Word: W is for Waiting at the Radiant Recovery Community Forum.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for Vulnerability

This is one of those concepts that I struggle with. Right there in the same box with surrender and grace and unconditional love. All related I'm betting like threads woven together. Wool threads, woven together and felted. So tightly bound that if I can touch just one, all will be revealed.

I mean being vulnerable means being open to attack. Being willing to receive hurts in order to also receive blessings. It doesn't work both ways. It's also a matter of degree, I think. I'm open to this much (tiny bit) hurt so I get this much (equal tiny bit) blessing. Have to find the balance I can live with, that will be good enough. 

Except what if I want more than good enough? What if I want everything?

Bonus Word: don't know yet but it will be at the Radiant Recovery Community Forum.

U is for Ubiety

I was going to use ubiquitous which means being everywhere at the same time. Then I saw ubiety listed right before it in my trusty Webster's. Ubiety: the condition of being in a particular  place. So basically the opposite of  ubiquity. So one wonders why ubiquitous is a commonly known word and ubiety is now considered rare?

I like the idea of being in a particular place. Makes me think of mindfulness. Be here now. It is what it is. 

Bonus Word: U is for Unique at the Radiant Recovery Community Forum.

T is for Tangible

So I live in my head a lot of the time. I'm into self improvement. Self actualization. Being a better person. Being useful in the world. More and more I want to be more tangible. I want my goals to be tangible. Something I can see and measure and touch. No clue what I want to do about it. Yet.

Bonus Word: T is for Teachable at the Radiant Recovery Community Forum. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

S is for Searching

Perhaps as in searching for excuses to avoid writing everyday. Like being sick or at work or out of town. Perhaps as in being a searcher looking for the answer to the great questions, who am I? why am I here? Searching becomes a problem when the goal becomes the search rather than living the answers. How will I ever know if I've found the answer if I don't stop to live a life in the meantime? 

Bonus Word: S is for Super foods at the Radiant Recovery Community forum.

R is for Resources

I have lots of resources to use in this journey to self actualization. Books, videos, classes,  teachers, friends, enemies. I've been collecting them for years. Has my progress matched the resources? No. At this point I know just doing something, anything is better than continuing to collect the illusion of progress.

Bonus Word: Q is for Quest Ions (because I put the R word with Q post) at the Radiant Recovery Community Forum.